Code 20151: Making Passata in Mum’s Garage Posted on 20 Mar 15:45 , 0 comments

Date:   Saturday 28  February 2015
Time:   10.30 am – 2.00pm
Location: Reservoir, Melbourne
Cost:   $45.00

Places are limited. Get in early!

Email for booking and venue details 

or call 0413526902

Where better to learn how to make passata than In Reservoir – Mangia! Mangia! heartland. Set in  an authentic garage environment this workshop is  hand-on, fun and inspiring. At the end of the day’s work, in keeping with tradition, we sit around and enjoy a plate of pasta. Don’t forget to bring along an apron.

The session also covers how to make preserved  whole tomatoes (pomodori pelati) and a preserved salsa pronta (ready made sauce). 

Enjoy a cup of coffee and biscotti upon arrival and walk away feeling enthused and part of the Mangia! Mangia! Movement.  It’s a family affair with a spirit of community.

To provide an cosy  family experience places are limited – Don’t miss out!