Frittata con Salsicce Calabrese (Calabrian sausage frittata) Posted on 1 Jun 13:52 , 0 comments

This is the perfect quick winter snack /meal. We use salsicce that have cured for only one week, this way they are  soft and moist , perfect for a frittata. Once they have cured, we vacuum seal  and store them in the freezer - so they are good to go for the whole year.  Being  moist, when they're   cooking, all the tasty juice is released, especially the conserva (pepper paste) infused flavour  - hence the memorable taste. 


4 eggs  olive oil    salt to taste     150 - 200gr salsicce


Defrost the salsicce and remove the skin. Slice into bit size pieces. Heat omelette  pan with a little oil and cook the salsicce on a low flame for approx 3 -5 minutes or until cooked throughout. Remove and place on plate. Beat 4 eggs, add salt for taste and add salsicce. Heat omelette  pan again, add olive oil. When oil is hot add egg mixture and stir center  so mixture cooks throughout. When bottom is  cooked turn over using a plate and ensure bottom is well cooked. Should be golden brown. Serve with crusty bread!