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Teresa Oates


Angela Villella

Teresa was born in Melbourne, Australia to Italian migrant parents and from an early age was exposed to good food and its appreciation. With both parents being wonderful cooks her childhood home was often the centre of family feasts and celebrations. Yet it was the simple meals created from a few ingredients picked fresh from her father’s backyard garden that typified the spirit of her food education; where meals were always honest, simple and generous.

Teresa established and managed her own catering company, Dinners Done and worked as a personal chef. She also hosted her own food website, www.terristable.com which sent regular pod-casts to subscribers detailing her original recipes.

The importance of her family’s food traditions and her wish to carry them through to her children and hopefully their children, is what inspires her to promote the spirit of Mangia! Mangia!

As a first generation Italo- Australian growing up in a typically large Italian household, Angela’s path in life was to be coloured by family, food and a transported and vibrant southern Italian peasant culture. Her much loved Nonna Villella, the family’s soul and unifying matriarch was central in generating a generosity of spirit and innate compassion - that vital energy that breathes life into family and community.

 Acutely aware of the importance culture plays to one’s sense of wellbeing and identity Angela felt the need to preserve the spirit of her migrant Italian culture through the food wisdom of her family elders.

She has a life long interest in  human rights, the function of culture  and community development. Angela has a teaching background (languages), was a former union official for the non-government education union and is currently an elected councillor for the City of Darebin (Melbourne)