Pig Season

Winter beckons the mother of all Mangia! Mangia! food rituals.

‘Faciendo il Maiale’ (Making the Pig) is a serious Calabrese family event.

A palpable energy precedes the arrival of the pig.

The garage is cleared and cleaned, intimidating knives are sharpened, machines are assembled and the massive cauldron comes out of storage.

What unfolds is an orchestrated transformation. Centuries’ old wisdom elevates the beast into sublime sausages, salami, pancetta, capocollo.

Nothing is wasted, not even the blood.

In a world where we are rapidly losing control over our food, making the pig gives us enormous personal gratification and taste satisfaction; something you can’t obtain from your local hyper-market. Our grandparents knew this, our parents remind us of this and to ignore this wisdom is a tragedy.

Mangia! Mangia! ensures this important food ritual does not vanish.