Our Pledge to You






Mangia! Mangia! was born from the need to rescue our    southern Italian immigrant food culture from extinction. Central to this is eating and living with the season and this extends to our food products.

Mangia! Mangia! celebrates traditional generations-old home cooking using seasonal produce. However  we understand that not everyone is able to make their own Passata and Salsa Pronta, for example. Many have requested purchasing our foods after tasting the difference and having become dissatisfied with the commercial variety. It became clear we had a choice to reject commercial products but consumers unable to make their own had no alternative - now we all do!

We offer discerning consumers a real choice based on quality and integrity.

The process and ingredients we use to make the products is exactly as used by our Nonna. No corners have been cut. That is why our passata and salsa pronta (ready made pasta sauce) are ONLY  made during tomato season in late summer. 

Needless to say our products have no added preservatives or colouring. We use 100%  best quality Australian produce ; fresh roma tomatoes, basil picked from our Nonna's garden and quality Australian olive oil. We are committed to supporting local growers and local business.






As our products are not mass produced STOCK IS LIMITED.   For this reason we encourage you to order your year's supply. Think ahead like our wise food elders taught us and  breathe a sigh of relief knowing your cupboards are full with this vital ingredient until next season in 2016.

Our products are about sustainable living, knowing what you eat and feed your family and friends - this is how we were raised and what we are committed to promoting. Mangia! Mangia! is a philosophy and way of life. Give it a go and taste the difference

Buon Appetito

Teresa & Angela