What is Mangia! Mangia! ?

“Culture is a fancy word for grandmother” - Michael Pollan, In Defence of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

Food, Community, Generosity of Spirit, Family, Simplicity

Mangia! Mangia! means Eat! Eat! in Italian and as a name for our movement, it chose us. It perfectly encapsulates all that we are rescuing from extinction; our ancestor’s Mangia! Mangia! attitude to life; their Mangia! Mangia! spirit and the enduring Mangia! Mangia! recipes and food rituals.

Mangia! Mangia! is expressed as a loving command rather than a polite request. When you are told to “Mangia! Mangia!”, you have no choice but to eat! It is an expression all Italian children learn after mum and dad and one that never leaves us. Why? The command stems from the earthy bosom of traditional southern Italian culture and magically touches us all. Mangia! Mangia! commands one to eat with community, served with a generosity of spirit and simplicity. It is a welcoming energy that nurtures all and ensures no one is left behind.

When we are commanded to Mangia! Mangia! something very special takes place; the act of eating is elevated from the mere physical to that of social ritual. We experience connection. Unfortunately modern lifestyles and habits are threatening the Mangia! Mangia! experience. We aim to resuscitate and reinvigorate that which we all need and yearn.

Mangia! Mangia! is a universal theme

A similar expression is found in many traditional cultures, which is testimony to it being a manifestation of a fundamental human need.